TONG WARS: the untold story of vice, money and murder in new york's chinatown    

New York Citys Chinatown is known for its restaurants, shops and festivals, but what about gang violence? Rewind to the turn of the 20th century and youll find the neighborhood was riddled with it. George Badarky interviewed Scott D. Seligman for WFUV radio on The Gangs of Chinatown. It was aired on October 26, 2016.
Nice write-up of A Trail of Bullets and Bodies: When Tongs Ruled New York’s Chinatown by William Hennelly in the September 29, 2016 edition of the China Daily, Chinas official English-language newspaper.
Matt Gilligan posted an interview with Scott D. Seligman on his Orphan Radio podcast site on September 4, 2016.
New York City is certainly not lacking in fascinating history, and the story of the tong men of the Lower East Side is no exception. On August 22, 2016, the New York Post ran an excetpt from Tong Wars entitled, When Chinatown was Overrun by Gambling Halls and Opium Dens.
Anthony DeStefano, the author of Gangland New York, marked the 10th anniversary of the brutal murder of Bow Kum, a Chinese prostitute, which ushered in the second of the four tong wars, in an August 14, 2016 article in Long Islands Newsday.  
August 7, 2016: Laszlo Montgomery has posted the first of two podcasts based on Tong Wars on his well-known Chinese History Podcast website. He writes, In this long awaited and oft requested episode, Laszlo explains the Tong Wars of New York’s Chinatown. With the help of Scott Seligman’s latest book we go back to late 19th – early 20th century America and focus on New York’s Chinatown.

蘋果日報: 紐約首代華人教父 竟成縣副執法官 2016-8-2: 凡有利益的地方,總離不開幫派鬥爭;酷愛研究華人歷史的美國學者蘇思綱(Scott D. Seligman),花近兩年時間翻閱人口紀錄,寫成新書,重新呈現19世紀末紐約華埠黑幫的血淚史。蘇思綱發現,首批來到紐約的華人黑幫領袖,與警隊及政府關係密切,甚至成為縣副執法官。

Kore Asian Medias Czarina Obieta, writes on July 29, 2016: Politics, corruption, opium, defection and even women were causes for three decades of conflict between the two gangs.
Brian Vakulskas of KSCJ radio in Sioux City, Iowa interviewed Scott D. Seligman about Tong Wars. The 14-minute discussion aired on July 23, 2016.
Scott D. Seligman recently sat for an interview with Erik Rivenes, the host of Most Notorious, a website featuring true crime-related podcasts. It was posted on July 21, 2016.
Sherryl Connelly’s Tong Wars’ Details Chinatown’s Bloody Past as Two Early 20th-century Gangs Fought for the Neighborhood's Control” appeared in the New York Daily News on July 16, 2016.
星岛日報 2016-07-15:中國通「老外」新書紀錄堂口歷史。被稱為「中國通」的歷史學家、作家蘇思綱(Scott D. Seligman)昨(14日)來到美國華人歷史博物館,介紹他的新書《堂口戰爭:紐約華埠不為人知的亂象、金錢和謀殺》。這部書根據大量史料為讀者數理了上世紀三十年代之前紐約華埠堂口之間的爭鬥,以及隱藏在這些爭鬥背後的市府貪腐和華裔移民受到的壓迫。
美國通 2016-07-15: 堂口混戰 重現百年前華埠幫派。蘇思綱14日來到美國華人博物館分享新書,將讀者帶入那幫派林立的年代,在書中體驗早期華裔移民流連在賭場、妓院和鴉片間的真實生活。書中描繪了1890年到1930年之間華埠的幫派之戰,涉及的人物既有黑幫成員和毒梟。
2016-07-15堂口混戰 重現百年前華埠幫派。 蘇思綱在美國華人博物館介紹新書「堂口混戰—紐約華埠不為知的惡行、黑金與謀殺」,右為博物館館長姚南薰。
熊猫时报 2016-07-14:「堂口混戰」 揭紐約唐人街華裔黑幫秘史。「歡迎來到 1925年的紐約市!」精研華裔移民史的美國作家蘇思綱(Scott D. Seligman),繼「梅氏三雄」(2012)、「美國華裔第一人-王清福」(2013)之後,7月又推新書「堂口混戰--紐約唐人街不為知的惡行、黑金與謀殺」(Tong Wars: The Untold Story of Vice, Money and Murder in New York's Chinatown ),揭露華裔移民幫派內幕,以及當年以農民、小店主身分來到紐約在鴉片、賭場間討生活的真相。
On July 13, 2016 Signature published The Nasty, Little-known Turf Wars of Chinatown, NYC, an illustrated walking tour of Chinatown in which several sites important to the tong wars are called out.
Leonard Lopate of WYNC, New Yorks flagship public radio station, interviewed Scott D. Seligman on July 13, 2016 in a 22-minute segment entitled, “The Gang Wars that Ruled Chinatown.”
Scott D. Seligman was interviewed about Tong Wars Robin MacBlane and Larry Whitler on WOCA-AM radio's Robin and the Giant show on July 12.
On July 12, 2016, Bookish - a team of readers who drag their noses from in between the pages of books to sit in front of a screen and further explore the literary worlds that we long to live in named Tong Wars on its list of This Week’s Hottest Releases.”
侨报 2016-07-11:《堂口混战》讲述19世纪末到1930年代唐人街堂口为争夺赌档、鸦片馆、妓院的控制权而发起的杀戮,时间长达30年之久。作者从报纸新闻报道、人口普查、国家档案等搜集资料,写出一部读起来像犯罪小说的真实历史著作。
USA Today listed Tong Wars in its top five New and Noteworthy books for the week of July 10, 2016. “The buzz: Entertaining…ably demystifies stereotypes in an age rife with discrimination.”
Seth Ferranti of published a discussion with Scott D Seligman on July 8, 2016 about “what it was like for the Chinese underclass in the early twentieth century, why the tong wars jumped off, and how they finally came to an end after 30 years of violence.“ If you'd rather read it en Français, click here.

The Forest Hills Connection announces the publication of Tong Wars in its June 30, 2016 edition, noting that “Seligman again draws on his passion for the history and culture of the Chinese immigrant in America for his latest book.“

Tong Wars makes the June 26, 2016 Sacramento Bee's list of 18 nonfiction reasons to spread out with a book this summer.

Tong Wars was listed as one of Seira Wilson’s weekend reading favorites in the June 3, 2016 edition of Omnivoracious: The Amazon Book Review.

More than three months before its publication, Tong Wars was number 1 on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases in Asian American Studies” list on April 4, 2016.

Literary Hub reports that Tong Wars has made Buzz Books’ Spring/Summer 2016 preview list of “one hundred and seventeen books to add to your TBR pile.”


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